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We came we saw them who if there askin but not how and where did it come from or why did they do it.. shhh it’s complicated she tells me while she’s holding her head trying to regain strength blood is everywhere and it’s complicated… He tried I couldn’t I fought I cried it doesn’t help if you scream your screaming but it’s pointless no one hears you.. but suddenly you see you hear those bullets from that gun bang 1 time 2 time 3 time ….stolen away took his life and maybe he deserved it maybe he askd for me to do this maybe he isn’t as mean and horrible as I thght he was ….crys hurt pain anger my limit my soul my heart it’s intense I hve to I can’t live with guilt please take me away I’m gone 1time I just took it away I’m happy now there’s no voices no nightmares just silence I took them they saw me it’s stolen!!!

Sometimes I wonder when I might go when will he finally take me away from all the stress and pain …while I’m wondering I’m not rushing I’m happy now but how long will that happy last how long can I hide behind these fake smiles …always my thght my heart couldnt be more confused but should I go or should I stay just keep my distance or just keep coming bck …whatever happens happens I guess

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